Quick Takes

Restaurants of the Past

Finding kindred spirits has become easier via the Internet.  For a couple of years I have subscribed to a blog called “Restauranting through History” where I have been able to read about tea rooms and restaurants with curb service as well as  the  story of the Reuben sandwich and the tradition of live music in restaurants.

Spring Renewal

February and March were two very exciting months for America Comes Alive!  Women’s History Month, first celebrated by ACA in 2011, continued to provide a fascinating window into the lives of the women who preceded us.

The Importance of People’s Stories

Every family has their stories…the ones that get told over and over but also the less-told stories that we tell when we are unexpectedly reminded of something by a photo, a copy of a book, or a certain kind of day. These shared stories explain who we are and bind us together—no matter what happens, we “have each other.”

Stories of Food and Fitness

img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-2853″ style=”border: 4px solid black; margin: 4px;” title=”1930s_swimsuit” src=”http://americacomesalive.com/wp-content/uploads/1930s_swimsuit-114×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”114″ height=”150″ />With New Year’s Resolutions on our minds (not anymore? Oh well), it seemed fitting that my January newsletter would be devoted to diet and exercise.

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