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Miniature Golf: Its Beginning

Miniature golf was first patented by Garnet Carter (1883-1954) in 1931. Carter owned a hotel called the Fairyland Inn on Lookout Mountain (Georgia) near Chattanooga,... continue »

Dog Foils Valentine Thieves

Theft of Valentines Prevented by Observant Dog Often when I’m researching a story, I come upon another piece of information that is just too good... continue »

First Elephants Brought to the United States

The first two elephants brought to the United States arrived separately. Both were newsworthy. One arrived in 1796; the other in 1804. What they had... continue »

P.T. Barnum’s Early Career

P.T. Barnum is remembered as a circus impresario and a huckster. Both those memories do him a disservice. He had a long and varied career... continue »

White Christmas The Story Behind the Song

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas has notched many top positions on “best-selling” and “most--recorded” lists. Exact numbers are difficult to pin down even by the careful... continue »

Drive-In Movie Theaters

The concept for the first drive-in movie business originated with one man in the late 1920s. Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. came up with the concept... continue »

Baseball’s Ceremonial Pitch: Presidential Traditions

“Taft Throws Out Ball” read the headline of The New York Times on April 15, 1910. With that report on an easy toss of a... continue »

Allen Hoskins, Played Farina in Our Gang

Allen Hoskins (1920-1980) was just 14 months old when he was cast... continue »

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Its Origin

Today Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is the star of a popular holiday television special and a live stage show. The song, based on the story,... continue »

The Football Huddle: When Was It First Used?

The football huddle came about during the 1890s. This was about 25 years after intercollegiate football began being played in the United States. From the... continue »

Wishbone, Dog TV Star

Wishbone, played by a Jack Russell terrier named Soccer (1988-2001), was the star of his own PBS Children’s Show that aired from 1995-2001. The idea... continue »

Lionel Barrymore: Actor Opened Door for People with Disabilities

Lionel Barrymore ((1878-1954) had a long and successful acting career, primarily playing character... continue »