Inspirational Women

Cherry Trees Brought to D.C. By Helen Taft

The cherry blossom trees that bloom so beautifully along the Potomac in Washington, D.C. are a huge and very deserving tourist attraction each spring. The... continue »

Louisa May Alcott’s Home: Orchard House

Little Women is destined to be one of the big holiday movies... continue »

Hazel Ying Lee: First Female Chinese American Military Pilot

Hazel Ying Lee broke barriers by becoming the first female Chinese-American pilot to fly for the military during World War II. Women were not permitted... continue »

Sybil Ludington, 16, Helped Patriots in Revolutionary War

Sybil Ludington is known for her 40-mile night ride through parts of New York and Connecticut to alert American Patriots that the British military had... continue »

“Liquid Paper” for Typists Invented by Secretary

The inventor of the correcting fluid Liquid Paper was a woman by the name of Bette Nesmith Graham (1924-1980). Her work as a secretary and... continue »

Isabella Greenway: Entrepreneur and Congresswoman

Isabella Greenway (1886-1953) was the first woman to represent Arizona in Congress (1933-1936) at a time when Arizona had only a single representative to the... continue »

Barbara Jordan, Congresswoman and Trailblazer

Barbara Jordan (1936-96) was a dynamic and forceful African American from Texas who made great strides for American citizens. She exhibited a positive outlook, great... continue »

Campbell Kids Creator Grace Drayton

The creator of the iconic Campbell Kids was illustrator Grace Drayton (1877-1936), a highly successful artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. The Kids first appeared in 1904... continue »

WWI: U.S. Recruits Women Operators

About six months after the U.S. entered World War I, the Signal Corps—the U.S. Communications unit of the Army---put out a call for women telephone... continue »

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion was an all-female black military unit created in 1944. These women are among the unsung heroes of World War... continue »

Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell: Fashion Model, Entrepreneur, Publisher

Ophelia DeVore was only 16 when she began modeling. As a light-skinned black woman she found employment, but her experiences showed her how difficult it... continue »

Bessie Blount Griffin, Physical Therapist and Inventor

Bessie Blount (1914-2009) was a physical therapist who worked with injured soldiers during World War II. She recognized their need and desire to do more on... continue »