Hispanic Heritage

What Was the U.S. Bracero Program?

The Bracero Program was a guest worker program begun in a partnership between the United States and Mexico on August 4, 1942. It was a... continue »

Marcelino Serna: Highly Honored Soldier in World War I

Marcelino Serna was still a Mexican citizen when he fought for the United States in World War I. He was smart at battlefield tactics, felt... continue »

Latino Family Opened Door to School Integration in 1940s

The school desegregation case of Mendez v. Westminster (1947) prepared the way for the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision, yet few people have... continue »

Isabel González and U.S. Citizenship for Puerto Ricans

Isabel González was 20 years old and pregnant in 1902. She was traveling from her home in Puerto Rico to the United States, where the... continue »

Ace Pilot Pete Fernandez: Korean War

Ace pilot Pete Fernandez was one of the top fighter pilots in the Korean War, but he almost didn’t see combat. He was so valuable... continue »

Mexican-American Hero: Medal of Honor Recipient, 1945

Mexican-born Silvestre S. Herrera (1916-2007) wasn’t even a U.S. citizen when he signed up to fight for the United States in World War II. As... continue »

First Hispanic-Americans in Coast Guard Were Lighthouse Keepers

The first Hispanic-American in the Coast Guard was Juan Andreu, who was appointed the first... continue »

Hispanic Heritage Month: Five Stand-Outs to Remember

America Comes Alive has profiled several Latino leaders during the past few weeks as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Today I would like to point... continue »

Ellen Ochoa: First Latina Astronaut, Inventor and Now Director of “Mission Control”

Ellen Ochoa (1958-   ) is a veteran astronaut who was chosen for four space flights and has... continue »

Carlos Finlay: Cuban Physician Who Solved the Mystery of Yellow Fever And Made the Panama Canal Possible

The cause of yellow fever was identified by Dr. Carlos Finlay (1833-1915), a Cuban physician who was instrumental in reducing the incidence of yellow fever... continue »

Pedro Guerrero (1917-2012): The Only Photographer Trusted by Frank Lloyd Wright

Art school dropout who became Frank Lloyd Wright’s exclusive photographer Pedro Guerrero was born in Casa Grande, Arizona on September 5, 1917. His family had... continue »

Adelina Otero-Warren (1881-1965), Suffragist

One of first female government officials in New Mexico First New Mexican woman and the first Latina to run for national office Suffragist Born into... continue »