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Cranberries and Thanksgiving: The Origin

Cranberries are one of only a handful of commercially-farmed fruits that are native to North America. But the sweet relish we enjoy at Thanksgiving is... continue »

Detroit’s History, Told in Vignettes

Detroit’s story is a truly American story, and it’s unique because of its prime location in the Midwest. By understanding what happened in Michigan through... continue »

First Store Santa

Where was the first department store Santa in the United States? There are three contenders: First Santa at Macy's? The earliest mention of a department... continue »

Howard Johnson: Host of the Highway

Restaurateur Howard Johnson made a name for himself by building a chain of roadside restaurants and motor lodges throughout the country.  Johnson emphasized quality control... continue »

Dick and Jane: Story of These Early Readers

Dick and Jane books were the predominant readers in public schools from the 1940s through the early 1960s. The books were created by educator Williams... continue »

Operation Pedro Pan

Operation Pedro Pan was an under-the-radar plan of the early 1960s to help families get their children out of Cuba before the Communist regime had... continue »

The Balloons in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade began in 1924 and was originally known as Macy’s Christmas Parade. To any retailer, the... continue »

Mar-a-Lago: The Winter White House

Mar-a-Lago, owned by President Donald Trump, was built by Marjorie Merriweather Post (1887-1973) in the 1920s. The cereal heiress... continue »

Septima Clark Founded Citizenship Schools

Septima Clark (1898-1987) was an educator and civil rights activist. She established Citizenship Schools that transformed the South by increasing the number of African Americans... continue »

Martin Luther King Jr. on The Declaration of Independence

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left us with many inspirational thoughts, so it is never easy to pick just one. However, recently, I came upon... continue »

Elsie the Cow, Borden Marketing Mascot

Elsie the Cow is one of the most famous marketing mascots ever created. She has been more popular than the Pillsbury Doughboy, better than the... continue »

Geronimo: A Mobility/Stability Dog

Geronimo is an elegant greyhound, weighing 80 pounds and standing hip-high to individuals of average height. He came to live with Linda and Mike Bates... continue »