Quick Takes

The “Boston Molassacre”

When we think of potential disasters in the Northeast during the winter months, we think of snow-related problems, but on January 15, 1919, the force that Bostonians had to reckon with was fiery hot molasses.

A Few Facts About New Year’s

• Besides Auld Lang Syne, other popular songs for New Year’s are It was a Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra), Imagine by John Lennon, and What a Wonderful World made popular by Louis Armstrong.

Layaway Plans Are Back

This year retailers are again offering “layaway plans” as a mechanism to stimulate sales.

P.T. Barnum Was Really Something

I have read some stories of P.T. Barnum but over the weekend I came upon one I had not heard… about how he got his start promoting a slave whom he claimed was George Washington’s mammy.

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