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The Rosenwald Schools: Schools for African-Americans in the Rural South

Rosenwald SchoolsThe Rosenwald Schools  were built in the early 20th century as a solution to the scarcity of schools for African-Americans in the rural South at that time.  The school-building program was the idea of educator Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) who approached Julius Rosenwald, (1862-1932), the president of Sears, Roebuck and Company.  The result stimulated the building of over 5,000 schools, vocational workshops, and teachers’ homes in the South.&nbsp

Rosenwald Schools

The Pledge of Allegiance and How It Has Changed

As the Pledge of Allegiance became more widely accepted after its Flag for Pledge of Allegianceintroduction in 1892, various groups weighed in on the wording.  There have been alterations from the original wording penned by Francis Bellamy (1855-1931):

Flag for Pledge of Allegiance

Remembering September 11

458324551 (1)Those of us who were alive on September 11, 2001 will never live long enough to forget that day.  Whether we witnessed it on television, from the streets of Manhattan or D.C. or from farther away, there was the horror of watching the extraordinarily bright blue skies turn black from the terrorist attacks on our country.

How could we forget?

Writing the Pledge of Allegiance

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The Pledge of Allegiance is so much a part of the fabric of our country that it is surprising to be reminded that it has only been recited for the past 122 years.  Even more unexpected is the fact that the pledge exists because it was written and promoted by the very patriotic owner of a popular magazine of the 19th century.

Writing the Pledge of Allegiance

National Mutt Day Advocates for Mixed Breed Shelter Dogs

National Mutt Day, celebrated on July 31, was created by animal advocate, author, and editor Colleen Paige to raise awareness of the mixed breed dognumber of mixed breed dogs in shelters that desperately await new homes. Her website says it well: “In every heart there is a hole…in every shelter there is love to fill it.”

mixed breed dog

Revolutionary War: The Women Who Should be Remembered

There were numerous women who heroically stood up for the CorbinPatriots’ cause during the Revolutionary War yet so often the stories we hear take on the aspect of myth. Betsy Ross’ story is a good example.

Yet there are so many actions women took that were helpful to the cause.  Because of this, America Comes Alive presents to you three little-known stories of women who fought during our War of Independence. They, too, deserve celebration every July 4.

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