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Halloween Mischief Night Preceded Trick or Treating

By the late 1800s, Hallow’s Eve had become a time for mischief-making. Some of the actions taken by young people were relatively harmless, such as... continue »

Halloween Costumes and How They Came About

Who will be first to ring your doorbell on Halloween? A ghost, a witch, a pumpkin with arms, or Minnie Mouse or a Super Mario... continue »

Countdown to Halloween

We are less than a week away from Halloween so over the next few days I'll be sharing with you the stories behind the holiday... continue »

The Crusaders Who Campaigned for Car Safety

In late 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the results of a new seat belt survey. While there are statistical variations by region... continue »

Where Were You on September 11?

Is there any American who doesn't approach September 11th with a feeling of sadness and the thought of, "What will I do? How will I... continue »

Four Thoughts for the Fourth of July

1. We all consider July Fourth to be “our nation’s birthday,” but given the number of steps it took to be a free country, it’s... continue »

Memorial Day: Remembering All Who Have Served, Including Military Dogs

Memorial Day, initially known as Decoration Day, began shortly after the Civil War in the... continue »

What Happened on Terminal Island, Why It Matters and What is at Risk

"If a place doesn't exist, it's hard to tell the story," says Adrian Scott Fine, director of Advocacy for the Los Angeles Conservancy, as we toured Terminal... continue »

Hattie Carnegie (1880-1956), Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

 Made elegant clothing available to wealthy American women  Pioneered concept of head-to-hem stores  Made the Carnegie Look the rage for fashion-conscious women Henrietta Kanengeiser was... continue »

Traveling West in 1854: The Story of an 11-Year-Old Girl and Her Family

We often read stories of families traveling west by wagon train. However, recently I was introduced to a reminiscence of a woman’s childhood journey to... continue »

Groundhog Day: A Long Tradition

The Groundhog Day tradition officially began in America on February 2, 1887. Since that time, the event has taken place at  Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney,... continue »

Looking Back at Lincoln’s Inauguration

Today on President Barack Obama’s second inauguration is a good time to look back at other presidential inaugurations: Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration was held on... continue »