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Pluto: No Longer a Planet But Still a Star

"How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming," a new book by astronomer Mike Brown was reviewed by James Kennedy in The Wall... continue »

Ten Fascinating Facts About Shopping by Mail (or Online)

"First gridlock alert day of the holiday season" was a news headline being trumpeted by talk-radio hosts in the New York area this morning. Despite... continue »

Women in Politics: An Equality Emergency

While the mid-term elections involved the constant media coverage of several female candidates (O'Donnell, Angle, McMahon, et al), the current tally shows that even when... continue »

Political Coverage: Room for Improvement

Last week on Larry King Live political pundit Ben Stein was rehashing the election results, and he wistfully mentioned that he would miss Christine O'Donnell,... continue »

Today’s Voting Shenanigans Are Nothing Like This

While many people look to 1920 and the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment as the start of women casting ballots in the United States, this... continue »

American Quilts as Art as Well as Documents of History

"History chronicles the large and glorious deeds of the standard bearers...and tells nothing at all of the courageous women who keep the business of the... continue »

In honor of the Nissan Leaf: A Nod to Electric Cars of 100 Years Ago

The New York Times' front page today featured a story about the fact that in December, Nissan will be releasing the Nissan Leaf, the first... continue »

Mark Twain and Hawaii: Long Before It was the 50th State

Since last spring the literary world has been abuzz about the November 2010 release of the first volume of Mark Twain's autobiography. Twain had left... continue »

$#*! My Dad Says: Life Lessons from Another Type of Father

Today would have been my father's birthday if he were still alive, and unlike Ed, the father on the new CBS television show, $#*! My... continue »

How Are Children Exposed to the News?

If a well-informed citizenry is vital to any democracy, how do we become informed? A recently completed study by the Pew Center for Research about... continue »

A Group that Made a Difference: The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

For most people today, the Labor Day weekend signals the final weekend of summer. Though some schools now start in late August, the three-day September... continue »

Women’s Equality Day: Behind-the-Scenes

Women's Equality Day is marked today, August 26, and it will likely be celebrated this year in much the same way it was celebrated in... continue »