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Little-Remembered Stories of Women and the Vote

If women's news receives the coverage it deserves during the next week or so, then there will be stories about women and the vote. Headlines... continue »

Pools and Politics

Last week I wrote about baseball catcher Roy Campanella. Reading his autobiography sent me in search of who, what, when, where, and why about the... continue »

American Transportation and the Catoctin Aqueduct

Today we take for granted the U.S. Interstate Highway System, our railroads, our waterway transportation methods, and the network of airlines that can take us... continue »

What Kind of World Do We Want to Leave to Our Children?

Last night I was a guest at an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of HealthRight International (until last year the organization was known as Doctors... continue »

Finding Hope: Beyond the BP Oil Spill

My website, America Comes Alive!, is dedicated to celebrating the greatness of this country, but the headlines of the weekend were making this difficult. At... continue »

Small Town Parade Has Big Place in Local Hearts

Each year Larchmont--a suburban community in Westchester, New York, measuring only one square mile--celebrates Memorial Day with a parade on the Thursday evening preceding the... continue »

Recognizing Progress: The 1938 Celebration of Airmail Week

Today, e-mail travels in a matter of moments, text messages arrive in real time, and almost all items sent through the U.S. Mail spend at... continue »

Movies: Today the 3-D Experience is a Draw; Yesterday’s Audiences Also Came for an “Experience”

Today 3-D films and blockbuster action films are a draw that will pull audiences into the theater. One hundred years ago, movies were brand new,... continue »

Health Care Update: 1910

This week the news was filled with stories about the passage of the health care reform bill of 2010, and it occurred to me that... continue »

The U.S. Census: A Vital Part of Democracy

For the last couple of months, we have been reminded by the news media that the U.S. Census will be underway soon, yet few people... continue »

A Moment in Time: Education for Southern Blacks, 1940

Learning a little sometimes reveals a lot. Tuesday night I attended a screening of a recently discovered film from 1940 that was thought to have... continue »

The Ultimate Gift: A Green Goodbye

If you love stories, cemeteries are almost irresistible - every headstone has a tale to tell. Whether it's a date, a name, a poem, or... continue »