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Where Were You on September 11?

replacement photo for 9-11Is there any American who doesn’t approach September 11th with a feeling of sadness and the thought of, “What will I do? How will I spend the day?”

Four Thoughts for the Fourth of July

1. We all consider July Fourth to be “our nation’s birthday,” but given the number of steps it took to be a free country, it’s good to be reminded of what the day actually signifies:

Hattie Carnegie (1880-1956), Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

 Made elegant clothing available to wealthy American women220px-Hattie_Carnegie_1955

 Pioneered concept of head-to-hem stores

 Made the Carnegie Look the rage for fashion-conscious women

Henrietta Kanengeiser was born in 1880, the second of seven children born to a tailor and his wife in Vienna, Austria.  While Henrietta was young the family’s home burned, so her father immigrated to New York City where he opened his own shop and sent money back to the family until he could afford to have them join him.

Traveling West in 1854: The Story of an 11-Year-Old Girl and Her Family

We often read stories of families traveling west by wagon train. However, recently I was introduced to a reminiscence of a woman’s childhood journey to California from Ohio via the Isthmus MARYof Panama.  The family opted for the route that took the least time, traveling from Ohio to New York by train, taking a ship to the Isthmus of Panama, and then traveling by rail and mule across the Isthmus. They then boarded another ship that took the family to San Francisco.

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