School Safety Patrols

The school safety patrol system using older elementary school children to help younger children navigate the streets was created much earlier than one would expect.... continue »

The Dog Who Helps With Speech Therapy

When Jen Nance Yost became a speech pathologist six years ago, her first position involved working in a private pediatric practice. She never dreamed that... continue »

Dick and Jane: Story of These Early Readers

Dick and Jane books were the predominant readers in public schools from the 1940s through the early 1960s. The books were created by educator Williams... continue »

Alice Cogswell: Bright Child Who Inspired Education for Deaf in U.S.

Alice Cogswell (1805-1830) was two years old when she suffered “spotted fever” (likely meningitis). She recovered but lost... continue »

Weekly Reader: An Important Part of Classrooms for Many Years

Several generations of Americans remember Weekly Reader as a source of news in the classroom. The goal of the four- to eight-page weekly paper, which... continue »

The Rosenwald Schools: Schools for African-Americans in the Rural South

The Rosenwald Schools  were built in the early 20th century as a solution to the scarcity of schools for African-Americans in the rural South at... continue »

Writing the Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance is so much a part of the fabric of our country that it is surprising to be... continue »

Book on World War II Sheds Light on Combat Stress

In her book, Hidden Legacy of WWII: A Daughter's Journey of Discovery, author Carol Schultz Vento makes the compelling point that most books about World War... continue »

The Schoolhouse (or Children’s) Blizzard of 1888

Imagine being caught in a blinding snowstorm on the Great Plains with fierce winds sweeping across the hills and valleys and heavy snow blurring out... continue »

The First Seeing Eye Dog is Used in America in 1928

In the early twentieth century, those without sight were marginalized members of society. They had no job options and no mobility, and had to rely... continue »

Exhibit About Alcatraz Currently Open on Ellis Island

The very name, Alcatraz, stirs fear and a twinge of excitement at the thought of... continue »

NYC Fire Museum: A Hidden Gem

Walk west on Spring Street, through SoHo, past the enticing restaurants and the tempting clothing shops, and after you pass Varick Street, you will come... continue »