American Dogs

Three Sweet Dog Stories

While researching various topics, I come upon some amazing stories. I think you will agree they are well worth sharing: The New York Times, December... continue »

The Pets of Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

Woodrow Wilson who served as president from 1913-1921 grew up in Virginia with a beloved greyhound named Mountain Boy. He and his first wife, Ellen... continue »

The Story of Toto/Terry

The 1939 film of The Wizard of Oz is memorable for many reasons, and one of them is certainly the presence of Dorothy’s adorable dog,... continue »

Arizona Police Honor K-9 Corps

The unveiling of the Arizona Police K-9 Memorial in April of 2006 must have been an emotional moment for all the K-9 officers in attendance.... continue »

Dog Training for the Early Movies

Dog trainer Carl Spitz (1894 –1976) was a German immigrant who made his way to Los Angeles where he founded the Hollywood Dog Training School... continue »

The Dogs of Ronald Reagan

Ronald and Nancy Reagan were definitely “animal people” and had several dogs.  Before, during, and after the presidency (spanning from 1981-89), Ronald Reagan also was... continue »

The Hollywood Dog Training School: A 2012 Visit

If there is hallowed ground for Hollywood canines, it is not the plaza outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard where The Artist star, Uggie,... continue »

Dog Days 2012: The End of Our Summer Series

Thank you all for reading the stories of America’s dogs and writing to me about many of the subjects covered this summer. Some of my... continue »

Dobermans: Beyond the Stereotype

Most people would likely agree that if they were walking on a sidewalk and a Doberman and owner were approaching from the other direction, the... continue »

Bum, A Dog Who Chose San Diego as his Home

In 1886 a steamship from San Francisco, the Santa Rosa, arrived in San Diego, and among those who got off the boat was a stowaway…... continue »

A Dog Who Delivered the Mail

In the 1880s in San Bernardino county--just northeast of Los Angeles--the town of Calico, California, had an unusual mail carrier—a dog. Jim Stacy worked as... continue »

More News of Sinbad, Coast Guard Mascot

Last week one of the featured dogs in our series was Sinbad, a mascot for the Coast Guard during the late 1930s through the 1940s.... continue »