American Dogs

During the “Dog Days of Summer,” we examined America’ stories through its dogs. You’ll be amazed by stories about the dogs of 9-11, the first seeing eye dog in the U.S., and how the K-9 corps of World War II was made up of people’s pets.

First War Dog to Carry Messages in World War I

The first war dog to carry messages for the Allies in World War I was war doga Belgian Sheepdog named Taki.

The French military had begun working with Belgian Sheepdogs to train them as messengers for the war, and Taki, the youngest of the dogs to be enlisted into the French military, was born in the spring of 1913.

war dog

The German Shepherd: From Sheep Dog to Dog of Many Skills

The German shepherd is known today as a handsome, well-built dog German shepherdwith high intelligence and strong loyalty.  The breed has been used successfully as a police dog, a seeing eye dog, a military dog, a guard dog, and as a family pet.

German shepherd

Diabetic Alert Dog Permits Teacher to Live Normally

Diabetic Alert DogIja is a trained service dog (diabetic alert dog) who signals her owner when blood glucose levels are changing and then alerts her as to  whether the levels are rising or falling so appropriate action can be taken.  Ija has made it possible for teacher Lisa Loftis to live more easily with type 1  diabetes.

Diabetic Alert Dog
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