American Dogs

During the “Dog Days of Summer,” we examined America’ stories through its dogs. You’ll be amazed by stories about the dogs of 9-11, the first seeing eye dog in the U.S., and how the K-9 corps of World War II was made up of people’s pets.

Bummer and Lazarus: Street Dogs and Friends

Bummer and Lazarus were stray dogs who wandered the streets of Bummer and LazarusSan Francisco in the 1860s, begging for handouts and patrolling the area for rats to kill. They were also good pals who were unified in all they did. Bummer was said to do the biting; Lazarus the barking.

Bummer and Lazarus

WWII War Dog: Lucky, The Family Pet

At the start of World War II, the United States military had no

[caption id="attachment_7361" align="alignright" width="300"]War Dogs There was no photo of Lucky in the file, so this is representative of him. Getty Images.[/caption]

canine corps so it fell to civilians, primarily led by poodle breeder Alene Erlanger, to organize a drive for people to donate their pets for the war cause.  As Erlanger saw it, fathers, sons, uncles, and brothers were all enlisting… Was it so far-fetched to think that people might donate their dogs to fight for the nation?

War Dogs

A Smart German Shepherd, 1927

A smart German shepherd was brought to public attention in the

[caption id="attachment_6488" align="alignright" width="243"]smart German Shepherd This is not Fellow but is a German shepherd of the era[/caption]
smart German Shepherd
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