American Dogs

Buster: Comic Actor and Dog Star of the “Barkies”

Buster was just a four-month-old mutt when dog trainer Rennie Renfro spotted him and felt the dog had “something special.” Renfro, a major Hollywood trainer... continue »

The TSA Puppy Program: Creating Future Bomb Squads

In 1999, eight dogs--six females and two males--were obtained by the U.S. Department of Transportation from a bomb detection squad that was up and running... continue »

Abraham Lincoln’s Dog, Fido

While living in Springfield, Illinois, the Lincoln family had several animals including a dog named Fido (ca. 1855-1865).  Fido was a yellow, mixed-breed dog who... continue »

A Wise Pointer: A Dog Story from New Hampshire

This story originally appeared in the Portsmouth Times in July of 1880.  The writer relates that he is telling a story that occurred 25 years... continue »

The RCA Dog, An American Icon

At the mention of “the RCA dog,” most of us instantly see the iconic image of the white-and-black dog with his head cocked, listening intently... continue »

Skippy: Asta from The Thin Man

In the 1930s, Skippy (Asta) was a huge dog star.  He lifted the hearts of people during the Depression, and everyone loved him. But Skippy... continue »

A Civil War Dog: Harvey and the Barking Dog Regiment of Ohio

We are 150 years from the time of the Civil War, so during our first week of the Dog Days of Summer I wanted to... continue »

The Pets of President John F. Kennedy’s Family

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) was the youngest candidate ever to be elected president, and he served from 1961-1963. (This year we will mark the 50th... continue »

A July Salute to Military Dogs Like Cairo

Next week America Comes Alive kicks off its eighth (!) year of the Dog Days of Summer, telling America's story through its dogs. Today it seems fitting... continue »

Sallie, Civil War Mascot

In 1861 the captain of the brand new Pennsylvania infantry unit (the 11th Volunteer Infantry)  was busy training his regiment in West Chester, Pennsylvania, when... continue »

The Iditarod: Also About the Exploration of Alaska

In Alaska today, the Iditarod dogsled race is celebrated as the "race of mercy," commemorating  the 1925 trip of dog teams from Anchorage to Nome. They... continue »

You Lucky Dog! New Ebook From America Comes Alive!

You Lucky Dog! is an uplifting compilation of true stories about homeless dogs that somehow survived and thrived to become local or national celebrities. Kate... continue »