American Dogs

Hickory and Kemp, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan: A Love Story

“Noble and goofy” is how Lloyd Burlingame describes the two seeing eye dogs with which he has been partnered over the past fifteen years or... continue »

Groucho, a Patient Listener, Teaching Children to Read

Groucho is a yellow Labrador retriever owned by Josie Gavieres, who is the power between BARK Therapy Dogs based in Long Beach, California. When Josie’s... continue »

Whistle, A Very Important Service Dog

International Assistance Dog Week (August 4-10) to Honor All Who Raise, Train, and Fund Service Dogs Whistle, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix, is owned by Marcie... continue »

World War I and a Remarkable Messenger Dog

During World War I, the United States had no canine corps, but once we entered the war, our troops were the beneficiaries of military dogs... continue »

A Champion Doberman Paves the Way for Dog-Friendly Hotels

In 1931 a Massachusetts executive, Colyar Dodson, was traveling to Russia on business. His wife was on shipboard with him, so to make the trip... continue »

Military Working Dogs: What Happens When They Retire?

“Many soldiers have their todays and can plan their tomorrows because of what a Military Working Dog did for them yesterday.” ... continue »

Buster: Comic Actor and Dog Star of the “Barkies”

Buster was just a four-month-old mutt when dog trainer Rennie Renfro spotted him and felt the dog had “something special.” Renfro, a major Hollywood trainer... continue »

The TSA Puppy Program: Creating Future Bomb Squads

In 1999, eight dogs--six females and two males--were obtained by the U.S. Department of Transportation from a bomb detection squad that was up and running... continue »

Abraham Lincoln’s Dog, Fido

While living in Springfield, Illinois, the Lincoln family had several animals including a dog named Fido (ca. 1855-1865).  Fido was a yellow, mixed-breed dog who... continue »

A Wise Pointer: A Dog Story from New Hampshire

This story originally appeared in the Portsmouth Times in July of 1880.  The writer relates that he is telling a story that occurred 25 years... continue »

The RCA Dog, An American Icon

At the mention of “the RCA dog,” most of us instantly see the iconic image of the white-and-black dog with his head cocked, listening intently... continue »

Skippy: Asta from The Thin Man

In the 1930s, Skippy (Asta) was a huge dog star.  He lifted the hearts of people during the Depression, and everyone loved him. But Skippy... continue »