American Dogs

John Steinbeck’s Poodle, Charley

By 1960 John Steinbeck (1902-1968) had achieved both fame and fortune.  He and his third wife, Elaine, split their time primarily in New York City... continue »

The Dogs in the Nixon White House

When the Nixon family moved into the White House, they arrived with two canine family members: Tricia’s Yorkshire terrier named Pasha, and Julie’s French poodle,... continue »

Richard Nixon and the Checkers Speech, 1952

Richard Nixon's "Checkers speech," is referred to often enough that most people have heard of it. But few recall the details of what led up... continue »

The Latest in Therapy Dogs: Calming Passengers at Airports

The very thought of going to the airport today brings up a... continue »

Midnight Sun, A Remarkable Police Dog (1926)

Midnight Sun was a gorgeous German shepherd that became the hero of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, a small town in central Oklahoma.  Midnight Sun’s claim to fame?... continue »

The Truman Dogs

"If you want a friend in Washington," Harry Truman once said, "get a dog." He also said: “Children and dogs are as necessary to the... continue »

Hickory and Kemp, Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan: A Love Story

“Noble and goofy” is how Lloyd Burlingame describes the two seeing eye dogs with which he has been partnered over the past fifteen years or... continue »

Groucho, a Patient Listener, Teaching Children to Read

Groucho is a yellow Labrador retriever owned by Josie Gavieres, who is the power between BARK Therapy Dogs based in Long Beach, California. When Josie’s... continue »

Whistle, A Very Important Service Dog

International Assistance Dog Week (August 4-10) to Honor All Who Raise, Train, and Fund Service Dogs Whistle, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix, is owned by Marcie... continue »

World War I and a Remarkable Messenger Dog

During World War I, the United States had no canine corps, but once we entered the war, our troops were the beneficiaries of military dogs... continue »

A Champion Doberman Paves the Way for Dog-Friendly Hotels

In 1931 a Massachusetts executive, Colyar Dodson, was traveling to Russia on business. His wife was on shipboard with him, so to make the trip... continue »

Military Working Dogs: What Happens When They Retire?

“Many soldiers have their todays and can plan their tomorrows because of what a Military Working Dog did for them yesterday.” ... continue »