American Dogs

Sinbad: Coast Guard Mascot

The story goes that in 1937 two Coast Guardsmen were returning to their ship, The U.S.S. George W. Campbell, that was at a dock in... continue »

Poodles Against Hitler: A Canine Unit for World War II

Despite the success that European countries had with the dogs used during World War I, the U.S. government had never proceeded with organizing a canine... continue »

Teaching Children to Read, With Help From Some Dogs

If you ever want proof that our country is made up of inspirational people, turn away from Congress and look around your own community. I... continue »

The Dog Days of Summer 2013

Thank you for joining me for the Dog Days of Summer 2013. I’ve had a wonderful time bringing you these stories, and I hope you... continue »

Seaman, A Newfoundland Dog Who Accompanied Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery Expedition was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson shortly after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Jefferson asked Captain Meriwether Lewis... continue »

The Pets in the Benjamin Harrison White House

Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), grandson of William Henry Harrison, was in the White House from 1889-1893. During that time, a goat named Old Whiskers, two opossums,... continue »

John Steinbeck’s Poodle, Charley

By 1960 John Steinbeck (1902-1968) had achieved both fame and fortune.  He and his third wife, Elaine, split their time primarily in New York City... continue »

The Dogs in the Nixon White House

When the Nixon family moved into the White House, they arrived with two canine family members: Tricia’s Yorkshire terrier named Pasha, and Julie’s French poodle,... continue »

Richard Nixon and the Checkers Speech, 1952

Richard Nixon's "Checkers speech," is referred to often enough that most people have heard of it. But few recall the details of what led up... continue »

The Latest in Therapy Dogs: Calming Passengers at Airports

The very thought of going to the airport today brings up a... continue »

Midnight Sun, A Remarkable Police Dog (1926)

Midnight Sun was a gorgeous German shepherd that became the hero of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, a small town in central Oklahoma.  Midnight Sun’s claim to fame?... continue »

The Truman Dogs

"If you want a friend in Washington," Harry Truman once said, "get a dog." He also said: “Children and dogs are as necessary to the... continue »