American Dogs

During the “Dog Days of Summer,” we examined America’ stories through its dogs. You’ll be amazed by stories about the dogs of 9-11, the first seeing eye dog in the U.S., and how the K-9 corps of World War II was made up of people’s pets.

National Mutt Day Advocates for Mixed Breed Shelter Dogs

National Mutt Day, celebrated on July 31, was created by animal advocate, author, and editor Colleen Paige to raise awareness of the mixed breed dognumber of mixed breed dogs in shelters that desperately await new homes. Her website says it well: “In every heart there is a hole…in every shelter there is love to fill it.”

mixed breed dog

Gold Rush Dogs Traveled via Shipboard

Dogs were very much a part of the California gold rush.   While it is Gold Rush dogeasy to see how dogs would be brought along by hopeful miners traveling west on horseback or by prairie schooner, dogs were also brought on board the ships that were sailing from the eastern seaboard to San Francisco via Cape Horn. This route took five to eight months, a very long time for both people and dogs to be at sea.

Gold Rush dog

The Clinton Pets, Buddy and Socks

Bill Clinton grew up with dogs, so it was only natural that at some Clinton Dogpoint the Clintons would add a dog to their family.  The decision to expand their “pack” came as Chelsea was preparing to leave for college.

Buddy and Clinton
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