American Dogs

The Dogs of Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893) served the country honorably and held to the reforms he believed in, yet he is best remembered as “Rutherfraud B. Hayes”... continue »

Mayor of Guffey, Monster the Cat

When looking for amazing stories about dogs, I came upon Shanda, a golden retriever, who served as mayor of Guffey, Colorado from 1993-1998.  Sadly she... continue »

Why People Say a Dog is Man’s Best Friend

“A man’s best friend is his dog.” Dog lovers know this is true, but few know where the saying comes from. The declaration dates to... continue »

The Dogs of Herbert Hoover

The 31st president of the United States, Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) and his wife, Lou, both loved dogs. As it happens, a dog helped Herbert Hoover... continue »

Patsy Ann, Official Greeter in Juneau, Alaska

Patsy Ann was a bull terrier who was born deaf on October 12, 1929, according to information... continue »

Bullet, the Wonder Dog, from The Roy Rogers Show

For six television seasons (1951-1957) and 100 episodes of The Roy Rogers Show, Bullet, the Wonder Dog, did everything a good dog should do. He... continue »

Teddy Roosevelt’s Dogs

When Vice President Teddy Roosevelt and his family moved into the president’s house in 1901 after the assassination of William McKinley, life at the White... continue »

The First Seeing Eye Dog is Used in America in 1928

In the early twentieth century, those without sight were marginalized members of society. They had no job options and no mobility, and had to rely... continue »

How Dalmatians Became Known As Firehouse Dogs

The Dalmatian is a strong, active dog capable of great endurance and considerable speed. Today they remain a symbol of the firehouse, but they are perhaps... continue »

The Colonel, A Very Smart Dog

  A dog named Colonel made news in 1876.  The story appeared in The New York Times on May 1 of that year.  Because Colonel’s... continue »

9-11; The Dogs and Owners Who Were Heroes

The dogs and their owners who survived the tragedy of 9-11, and those who came afterward to help with rescue should never be forgotten.  Here... continue »

Benji, Shelter Dog Turned Movie Star

Benji was a dog who was hand-picked from a shelter and turned into a movie star. The lovable mixed-breed dog was discovered in 1960 by... continue »