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American Dogs

A Dog on the Battlefield and the Character of George Washington

George Washington was said to have been a man who loved dogs and owned many. He was an avid hunter, and most of his dogs... continue »

Trainer Willy Necker and His Dogs

Willy Necker was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1909. His father was a building contractor who raised dogs as a hobby so Willy grew up... continue »

A Dog Story from 1875

“Dogs cannot laugh, except with their tails; and their laugh is a laugh of joy.”  How can one resist a story that begins with that... continue »

Frank Lloyd Wright and Two Dog Stories

One doesn’t often luck into a story about Frank Lloyd Wright that provides not one but two dog stories, but when a long-time reader told... continue »

First Dog to Cross U.S. by Auto

In 2003 Ken Burns released a delightful documentary, Horatio’s Drive, telling the story of the very first cross- country trip by automobile. The trip was... continue »

The Dog on the Hoover Dam

In 1932 a part-Labrador puppy with a jet black coat and a white blaze on his chest was said to have been born in the... continue »

Three Sweet Dog Stories

While researching various topics, I come upon some amazing stories. I think you will agree they are well worth sharing: The New York Times, December... continue »

The Pets of Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

Woodrow Wilson who served as president from 1913-1921 grew up in Virginia with a beloved greyhound named Mountain Boy. He and his first wife, Ellen... continue »

The Story of Toto/Terry

The 1939 film of The Wizard of Oz is memorable for many reasons, and one of them is certainly the presence of Dorothy’s adorable dog,... continue »

Arizona Police Honor K-9 Corps

The unveiling of the Arizona Police K-9 Memorial in April of 2006 must have been an emotional moment for all the K-9 officers in attendance.... continue »

Dog Training for the Early Movies

Dog trainer Carl Spitz (1894 –1976) was a German immigrant who made his way to Los Angeles where he founded the Hollywood Dog Training School... continue »

The Dogs of Ronald Reagan

Ronald and Nancy Reagan were definitely “animal people” and had several dogs.  Before, during, and after the presidency (spanning from 1981-89), Ronald Reagan also was... continue »