World War II

American Inventors: The Stories of Men and Women Who Devise Answers to Vexing Problems

Inventions are the ultimate result of successful problem-solving.

But how on earth did people come up with the first ideas for luxuries (and now necessities) as disposable diapers, the dishwasher, the cell phone, and blue jeans?

inventor of cell phoneRecently I have been asked to speak on this topic to various audiences, including the Larchmont (NY) Historical Society. The Society was kind enough to arrange to have the presentation recorded so I can share it with readers.

Roosevelt Dog, Blaze, Makes News

Blaze, a 130-lb. English bullmastiff that Colonel Elliott Roosevelt Like Roosevelt dog(1910-1990) acquired in Europe during World War II, needed to get back to the United States.  It was November of 1944, and Colonel Roosevelt, the second oldest son of then-President Franklin Roosevelt, was flying on a military transport back to the U.S. with Blaze and a bullmastiff puppy.  They landed in Presque Isle, Maine, where Blaze and the other dog were taken off the flight for unknown reasons.

Like Roosevelt dog

Little Orphan Annie, The Comic Strip

The comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, was created by a young Annie first stripcartoonist by the name of Harold Gray (1894-1968). Gray’s parents both died before he had finished school, so he was independent and entirely self-made, qualities he imbued in Annie.

Latinas in World War II: A Little-Recognized Group

In the 1930s during the Great Depression, Americans were looking for scapegoats, and in an effort to save jobs for “real Americans” they began rounding up and deporting many people who had moved to the U.S. from Mexico, a good number of whom were “real” U.S. citizens. In addition to being a wrong thing to do, the “repatriation” was tragic for many, often resulting in the separation of parents and children.

Where Were You on September 11?

replacement photo for 9-11Is there any American who doesn’t approach September 11th with a feeling of sadness and the thought of, “What will I do? How will I spend the day?”

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