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Only in the USA

Little-Known Facts about the Pony Express and the Mail

  The Pony Express began in 1860 and only existed for eleven months, however, almost every American has heard about this early way of delivering... continue »

A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

A behind-the-scenes visit to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (known as TCL Chinese Theatre since 2013) is a not-to-miss opportunity. These tours are sponsored by the Los... continue »

Friday the Thirteenth in America

How did Friday the 13th become a day surrounded by superstition? In checking into the background of it, I was surprised to learn that Friday... continue »

A Few Facts About New Year’s

• Besides Auld Lang Syne, other popular songs for New Year’s are It was a Very Good Year (Frank Sinatra), Imagine by John Lennon, and... continue »

The Most Famous Song that No One Knows the Words To…

“Auld Lang Syne” is sung as part of most New Year’s Eve parties. Here’s how “the most famous song that no one knows the words... continue »

A Holiday Tradition: Driving the Neighborhood to See Decorations

In the midst of all the holiday chaos, many Americans still set aside an evening to load the family into the car and drive around... continue »

Exhibit About Alcatraz Currently Open on Ellis Island

The very name, Alcatraz, stirs fear and a twinge of excitement at the thought of... continue »

Duck Retriever Champion Honored on Conservation Stamp

King Buck (1948-1962), a handsome black Labrador, was a gifted athlete. As a National Duck Retriever champion, he completed an unprecedented 63 series in the... continue »

Dads in the Comic Strips: In Celebration of Father’s Day

For several generations, our cultural beliefs and family life have been reflected in newspaper comic strips. Even today the comics are so much a part... continue »

America As It Once Was: A Daily Gift

Author and historian David C. McCullough has said, "History is who we are and why we are the way we are." There is no doubt... continue »

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: A Postscript

In Washington, D.C. this weekend for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, I have three experiences to share with you, each of which has been changed... continue »

NYC Fire Museum: A Hidden Gem

Walk west on Spring Street, through SoHo, past the enticing restaurants and the tempting clothing shops, and after you pass Varick Street, you will come... continue »