Business Ventures

White Castle Hamburgers: The Story

White Castle holds the title of being the first fast-food restaurant inthe world. Their original hamburger eatery opened in Wichita, BLOOMINGTON,... continue »

Amanda Theodosia Jones, Inventor and Owner of All-Woman Business

Amanda Theodosia Jones (1835-1914) was a multi-talented woman, a prolific inventor, and a frequently published writer.  Her inventions were in two very different fields---food preservation... continue »

Marie Van Brittan Brown: Home Security System Inventor

Marie Van Brittan Brown and her husband, Albert, created an early closed-circuit television system to be used for home monitoring.  That security system was the... continue »

Marjorie Stewart Joyner (1896-1994): Inventor of a Permanent Hair-Wave Machine

Invented a permanent wave machine that added curl to straight hair and could be used to straighten curly hair Became national supervisor for more than... continue »

Esther Howland (1828-1904), First in America to Mass Produce Valentines

Valentines need to be held to be appreciated. An e-valentine just isn't the same.  A woman in Massachusetts was the first to develop the concept... continue »

The True Inventor of Blue Jeans

  No article of clothing better represents America than a pair of denim jeans. The birth of this ubiquitous apparel took place almost 150 years... continue »

Reginald Lewis (1942-1993), Self-Made Business Success

• First African-American businessman to make Forbes list of wealthiest people • In 1992 donated largest gift from an individual in Harvard Law School’s history... continue »

Making Each Day Special

Internet entrepreneur Evan Britton has built a profitable company, Resource Webs, by acquiring educational and niche sites built by people who were passionate about each... continue »

In honor of the Nissan Leaf: A Nod to Electric Cars of 100 Years Ago

The New York Times' front page today featured a story about the fact that in December, Nissan will be releasing the Nissan Leaf, the first... continue »

Post Office Gave Wings to Aeronautic Progress

"Innovation" and the "United States Postal Service" are not words that we would normally find in the same sentence, but next time you go to... continue »

Everything Old is New Again: Even Electric Cars

As the automobile companies continue to wrestle with ways to stay in business and build more relevant, energy-efficient cars, new designs for electric cars as... continue »

Now that We Own a Little of GM

Hearing that we, the American taxpayers, are now the majority stakeholders in General Motors is a bit like hearing we've just inherited a general store... continue »