War Stories

Reckless: The Horse That Was a Marine

One of America’s heroes in the Korean War was a horse that was a Marine. With no rider and no escort, the horse—called Reckless—carried munitions... continue »

Bill Mauldin: WWII Cartoonist Won 2 Pulitzer Prizes

Bill Mauldin was a young artist in World War II who created a cartoon featuring two mud-covered, combat-weary infantrymen, Willie and Joe. Mauldin’s work appeared... continue »

WWII WASP Mascot Created by Roald Dahl and Disney Studios

Roald Dahl and Walt Disney Studios collaborated to create what became the mascot for the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). She was a fairy-like female... continue »

Sybil Ludington, 16, Helped Patriots in Revolutionary War

Sybil Ludington is known for her 40-mile night ride through parts of New York and Connecticut to alert American Patriots that the British military had... continue »

Bugle Calls and the Origin of TAPS

Communication on a military battlefield or in camp is vital, but before technological advances, spreading information and commands was challenging. Messengers were used to communicate... continue »

Hispanic Women in Arizona Provided Aid in World War II

During World War II, the country needed citizen support at home and abroad for all that needed to be done to fight a war. Tucson,... continue »

Women Answered Call in World War I

In World War I telephone operators were needed in Europe. General John J. Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I, quickly... continue »

Asian Indians Fight for U.S. in World War I

Nearly a quarter of the men who fought for America in World War I were foreign born, including many Asian Indians who arrived in the... continue »

Final Evacuation of Saigon Signaled by Song “White Christmas”

By April 1975—after almost twenty years fighting in Vietnam--the United States began its pull-out. That winter the North Vietnamese pushed the South Vietnamese back forcefully... continue »

WWI: U.S. Recruits Women Operators

About six months after the U.S. entered World War I, the Signal Corps—the U.S. Communications unit of the Army---put out a call for women telephone... continue »

Japanese American WWII Vet Receives Medal of Honor Belatedly

George T. “Joe” Sakato (1921-2015) served in the American infantry during World War II. Like many other Japanese Americans, he faced many obstacles in his... continue »

Ace Pilot Pete Fernandez: Korean War

Ace pilot Pete Fernandez was one of the top fighter pilots in the Korean War, but he almost didn’t see combat. He was so valuable... continue »