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Comics of the Past: Appreciated on Many Levels

Forty or fifty years ago, parents either tolerated their children reading comic books or outright discouraged it because they "took up time that could be... continue »

The Apollo Theater and How It Shaped American Entertainment

Since its inception as a black performance space in 1934, the Apollo Theater in Harlem has been a home to black performers through the years;... continue »

Comics Reclaimed for Kids by Kids and Educators

Comics used to be for kids, and nobody really approved of them. Whether the comics were about Archie, Richie Rich, or Batman, no one felt... continue »

Houdini’s Own Mysteries Revealed

Though he died almost 90 years ago, Harry Houdini (1874-1926) remains a well-known figure to Americans of all ages. Other magicians, David Blaine, Doug Henning,... continue »

Professional Boxing Makes for Intriguing Plot Lines in Movies

On January 16, the Golden Globes kick off the Hollywood awards season, so it seems a good time to examine a particular type of film--the... continue »

Eighty Years to Right a Wrong

Baseball, Politics and the Press A significant... continue »

Baseball and Politics: A Reminder of a Time They Intersected

Every now and then a great gift falls in one's lap unexpectedly. My most recent gift came in the form of a book, a sports... continue »

How a 1920s Technology Changed Music

A CELEBRATION OF CROONING AND THE LOVE SONG Just as the development of e-mail in the 1990s has forever changed the love letter, the technology... continue »

Movies: Today the 3-D Experience is a Draw; Yesterday’s Audiences Also Came for an “Experience”

Today 3-D films and blockbuster action films are a draw that will pull audiences into the theater. One hundred years ago, movies were brand new,... continue »

The Shared Experience: Big Events on Radio and TV

Part of the pleasure of watching events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics is the fact that we can share the experience with others.... continue »

The Winter Olympics: Added to Games in 1924

While the every four-years tradition of the Olympic Games was begun by the Greeks in ancient times, the original games eventually faded out only to... continue »

Jackie Robinson: Barred from Flying to First Spring Training

We often read about Rosa Parks' bravery in refusing to give up her bus seat to a white person in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955, but... continue »