Everyday Heroes

Women’s History Month: Female Firsts

Sometimes simple facts tell a very compelling story. While researching a project for Women's History Month, I started keeping a running list of some notable... continue »

Black History Month: A Time to Recognize Little-Known Contributions

If journalism is the first draft of history, then it only makes sense that our story is constantly being re-drafted as new elements are discovered... continue »

Houses Tell Compelling Stories

Have you ever thought about who built your house? Who lived in it before... continue »

Martin Luther King and the Civil War’s Sesquicentennial

Today, on the threshold of the commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, we are fulfilling one... continue »

When Campuses Were Alive with Activism: Remembering Kent State

Today I was at work on a blog about political cartoonist Thomas Nast when my 21-year-old daughter sent me a link to a story she... continue »

$#*! My Dad Says: Life Lessons from Another Type of Father

Today would have been my father's birthday if he were still alive, and unlike Ed, the father on the new CBS television show, $#*! My... continue »

A Group that Made a Difference: The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

For most people today, the Labor Day weekend signals the final weekend of summer. Though some schools now start in late August, the three-day September... continue »

Eighty Years to Right a Wrong

Baseball, Politics and the Press A significant... continue »

Small Town Parade Has Big Place in Local Hearts

Each year Larchmont--a suburban community in Westchester, New York, measuring only one square mile--celebrates Memorial Day with a parade on the Thursday evening preceding the... continue »

Postage Stamp Honors Late Cartoonist Bill Mauldin

If you have ever stopped by the post office to buy a special type of stamp for a wedding invitation or a holiday card, then... continue »

Summer Care Packages Have Honorable Heritage

With sleep-away camps in full swing this month, package delivery services are also a little busier than usual as parents send "care packages" filled with... continue »