The Crusaders Who Campaigned for Car Safety

In late 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the results of a new seat belt sibling seat beltssurvey. While there are statistical variations by region and “day of the week,” the overall take-away from the survey is that passengers of today use seat belts 86 percent of the time… an all-time high.

Drunk Driving Laws Date to 1910

New York led the way with passing the first laws against drunk driving. The year was 1910 and the methods for a police officer to use to check for drunkenness included looking for bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, the smell of alcohol, or testing a person’s ability to walk in a straight line.

NYC Fire Museum: A Hidden Gem

Walk west on Spring Street, through SoHo, past the enticing restaurants and the tempting clothing shops, and after you pass Varick Street, you will come to a fire house that still looks like a fire house, but this one welcomes you in to hear stories and see old fire trucks and other memorabilia from some 225 years of fire fighting in Manhattan. The museum itself is a gem that is worthy of visits from old and young.

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