Entrepreneurs & Inventors

Before Cyber Monday Shoppers Went Downtown

Do you remember being promised a trip “downtown” to see Christmas windows? Parents may have wanted to shop while there, but kids loved the holiday... continue »

How Mail Order Came About

Many of us will be avoiding shopping with holiday crowds by buying online or from catalogs, so this weekend we're taking a look back at... continue »

Thanksgiving and the Presidential Pardon

This week I intended to look back at previous Thanksgiving celebrations in the White House, but I became distracted by other things that I decided... continue »

Chewing Gum: First Gum Made to be Sold

While early Greeks and Mayans found various substances to chew on, it was Native Americans chewing on resin from spruce trees that inspired John Curtis... continue »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor: Ruth Wakefield (1903-1977)

The chocolate chip cookie (toll house cookie) was first invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield (1903-1977). She was a trained dietitian who ran the kitchen of... continue »

Little-Known Story about the Gettysburg Address

For Americans, the mere mention of "Four score and seven years ago..." brings to mind President Lincoln giving the address he delivered at Gettysburg 149... continue »

Pills that Dissolve: An Important Invention by Upjohn

William Upjohn’s (1853-1932) name is familiar to anyone who looks in a medicine cabinet but what people probably don’t realize is that he was  ... continue »

The Yale Lock: Still Keeping Homes Safe 160 Years Later

In 1847 Linus Yale, Sr. (1797-1858) opened a lock shop in Newport, NY. His particular interest was creating locks that did a better job at securing... continue »

Veterans Day 2013: Saying Thanks to All Who Serve

November 11 is well-known as Veterans Day, and because Congress ultimately saw the wisdom of keeping it from being a floating holiday, celebrating it on... continue »

Apple Varieties Identified by Apple Detectives

At grocery stores this fall, shoppers are happy to see that it’s apple season, and they select the apple type they prefer and go home... continue »

Cans and Can Openers: The Inventors

Before the can opener could be invented, someone needed to create a can for food storage. Napoleon Bonaparte was actually the man behind the idea... continue »

Wonder Bread: The Most Famous White Bread

What we now know as Wonder Bread was first made by the Taggert Baking Company of Indianapolis. In 1921 the company was about to introduce... continue »