American Dogs

During the “Dog Days of Summer,” we examined America’ stories through its dogs. You’ll be amazed by stories about the dogs of 9-11, the first seeing eye dog in the U.S., and how the K-9 corps of World War II was made up of people’s pets.

American Dogs in the Military

The news that a dog had been an important member of the team that brought down Osama Bin Laden in the spring of 2011 highlighted the vital role dogs have played in our military.

Fala, FDR’s Beloved Dog

The year was 1940 and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), the 32nd president of the United States had been in office since 1933, governing through the years of the Great Depression and attempting to maintain U.S. neutrality despite the onset of fighting in Europe.

Bo, First Dog

Campaign promises are important, and none more so than a campaign promise made by a candidate to his family.

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