Bessie Blount Griffin, Physical Therapist and Inventor

Bessie Blount (1914-2009) was a physical therapist who found herself working with injured soldiers during World War II. She recognized their need and desire to do more on their own, and she invented an assistive device that permitted people who had lost limbs to feed themselves.

Bessie Blount

Who Invented the Shopping Cart?

The shopping cart was invented in the mid-1930s by Sylvan N. shopping cartGoldman (1898-1984). Goldman ran a grocery store chain called Humpty Dumpty, and he observed that shoppers struggled with the “hand carry” shopping baskets.

shopping cart

Ice Cream Cones: The True Story

[caption id="attachment_7405" align="alignright" width="175"]ice cream cone Getty Images[/caption]

The ice cream cone is said to have originated at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1904. But that leaves out an important part of history: the story of the cone inventor.

ice cream cone

Bubble Gum: How Dubble Bubble was Invented

Bubble gum.  Few adults chew it, but all of us surely chewed thebubble gum delightful pink stuff while growing up:  the sweet smell when unwrapping the paper, the powdery sugar that came off on one’s fingers, the fun  of reading the funnies wrapped inside, and the thrill of blowing giant bubbles or even smaller bubbles (particularly if you could get away with it during class). Then finally the bubble gum would meet its tasteless, rubbery end. We know many solved the problem of what to do with it then by sticking it under a desk.

bubble gum
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