Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: The Dog Days of Summer

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: The Dog Days of Summer

In July and August, America Comes Alive presents true stories of American dogs that shed light on our American story because they open an interesting window into ourRin-Tin-Tin society of the past.  I’ve written about guide dogs, rescue dogs, Hollywood dogs, presidential dogs, military dogs, and just plain good dogs.

First Seeing Eye Dog

Pet World Insider recently asked that I do a talk about the story behind Buddy, the first seeing eye dog in this country.  It’s a remarkable story for many reasons, but primarily because it shows that before 1928 (the year Buddy arrived in the U.S.), there were virtually no provisions in our country to help those who suffered blindness, low-vision, or any type of physical disability.  Buddy was the beginning of an awakening. If you’d like to hear the story, click here.

If you’d like to sample some stories from year’s past, click here, and scroll through to find what interests you.

sentry dogs
Air Force sentry dogs

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I’ve got a great line-up for this year!

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