The Dog Days of Summer 2013

The Dog Days of Summer 2013

Thank you for joining me for the Dog Days of Summer 2013. I’ve had a wonderful time bringing you these stories, and I hope you have enjoyed them.Dog book cover

This summer we’ve done police dogs like Midnight Sun, service dogs like Whistle, Groucho, and Hickory and Kemp, Hollywood dogs like Asta from The Thin Man, Nipper, the dog made famous by RCA, Civil War dogs like Harvey from the Barking Regiment as well as dogs in the Lincoln, Nixon, and JFK White House.

If you would like to get a copy of some of the stories I have written and collected in book form, you may order my book, You Lucky Dog from Amazon as a paperback. Or because you have been my loyal readers, I am offering a copy of the ebook for free. Visit Smashwords and after you enter your basic information, there will be an opportunity to enter this code: VR76Q   That will provide you with a download of the book at no charge.

My dog Lucy and I were interviewed for the website, “Coffee with a Canine,” and if you’d like to read about my life with my lovable and bossy rescue dog, click here.

Looking to 2014

If I come across a great story during the course of the year, I may mail it out ahead of next year’s “dog days.”  Otherwise, I’ll be back with more dog stories next summer.

In the meantime let me leave you with a quote from Will Rogers that I keep near my desk:

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

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